When looking at the value CFMA brings to it's membership and the construction financial community, there is no shortage of key points that can be cited that highlight the diverse advantages that membership brings.  That said, the most convincing sentiments come directly from the members themselves.  

"When I first entered the construction industry, I had very little exposure to construction accounting.  Luckily, I had a few good advisors who recommended CFMA.  Because of my involvement with CFMA, I quickly gained a vast network of people who were instrumental in helping me learn the most important aspects of Construction Financial Management.  I still rely on these close friends, as well as the monthly meetings, bi-monthly magazine, and annual conference to keep me at the top of my game." - James Easton, Watterson Construction Co. 

"I have a been a member of CFMA since 1996, 10 years before we had an Alaska chapter.  I found great benefit in the Building Profits articles both in public accounting practice and in private industry.  I also felt the CFMA national conference did an excellent job of providing a great diversity of speakers in relevant topics.  I appreciated the fact that not all the topics were  technical in nature and the key note speakers were dynamic and interesting.  Once the chapter was founded I found a lot of benefit in networking within the industry." - Ron Jones, Ron Jones Enterprises 

"Belonging to CFMA has enabled me to build relationships and friendships, take advantage of excellent educational opportunities, and develop a pool of resources that includes some of the top construction financial professionals in the industry." - Christopher Pobieglo, Business Insurance Associates, Inc.

"Being a member of Alaska’s Last Frontier Chapter of CFMA has been invaluable to me both professionally and personally. The educational aspects, networking and resources offered are outstanding and help me to do a better job as a construction financial professional. I highly recommend it, you will be glad that you did." - Lisa Vandergriff, The Superior Group

If you are a current member of Alaska's Last Frontier Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), we would welcome hearing about the value you've received out of membership.