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UAA Speaker Event 09-26-2018

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Thank you for the great presentation from Joel Condon the UAA Director/Assistant Professor for the construction department at UAA. It was informative to hear the accomplishments of some of the students that graduated. Some are now working for Elon Musk Space X company. The graduates are truly a high caliber which reflects well on the UAA faculty.

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We also wanted to Thank Tatiana Schneider the 2017/2018 Scholarship winner from the Ron Jones Endowment Fund speak about her involvement and studies in the construction industry and her pursuit of getting her Construction Management Degree from UAA.

The Ron Jones Endowment Fund has surpassed $100,000 in the fund balance, so going forward the scholarships awarded from the fund can about $2,500. If you are looking for a great place to contribute, the Ron Jones Endowment Fund would be a great place please contact Travis Dosser @ tcdosser2010@yahoo.com